Modern Dining Table: Update

After not so patiently waiting 6 weeks for our table top to arrive, it is here!

As a side note, I am continually impressed at what a Prius can fit inside it.

It looks great, full of old nail holes, and patterns from the huge saw blade in the mill where it was cut many decades ago. It’s currently sitting on the cheapest saw horses I could find (Ikea, $15 on craigslist). As you may have seen in the first post, I had originally planned on making trapezoidal shaped legs from 3×1 rectangular steel tubing. However I recently came across another table that used machine stand legs from old factory equipment circa 1900:


Cast iron, 24 x 29 1/2 inches


There are a few issues with using them: hard to find, expensive (even more so to ship), and super heavy. I think I can replicate them in 3/16″ cold rolled steel which will address most of those issues. The only draw back is the texture of the metal. The originals are cast iron which has a rough textured surface from the sand it was cast in. The steel is very smooth. I’m going to see if there is some type of process I can perform on the steel to mimic the look of cast iron.

Of course switching to these legs will make the table decidedly not modern, so maybe I’ll just call it an industrial table.


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