Life Update

So you probably have noticed that I have not updated this website in a while. Here’s the story. After graduating in June 2010 I accepted a job offer from Samsung Austin Semiconductor. I worked in the ion implant group solving all sorts of crazy manufacturing problems that arise when you have ultra-complex multi-million dollar machines the size of a bus processing wafers with feature sizes near 30 nanometers. I got to design all kinds of fixtures and devices to help technicians rebuild and test sub-assemblies. I also worked a lot, leaving little to no time to work on my personal projects. A few months ago I got engaged and have now moved across the country to sunny California. With my new found free time (and some saved money) I have a several projects in the works that I will post here:

  • 8mm film scanner using machine vision camera
  • Small injection molder (modern day mold-a-rama)
  • Motorized shower knobs for automated temperature control
  • Arcade game coffee table
  • LED word clock
  • Updated first gen Camaro windshield motor
  • More repair tips on home electronics

Stick around, it’s going to get messy.


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